The Vision

I’m Emerson Hartley, the Amazing Service Guy

I have traveled the world helping people accomplish these things using a concept I call: Amazing Service.

Simply put, I help organizations increase revenue and profits by improving customer loyalty. And when I say “increase revenue and profits” I also include sustainability.

To be healthy and valuable, your organization needs to be sustainable. A company that is profitable AND sustainable is healthy.

This leads us to…

The First Rule (and the foundation) of Amazing Service:

“Give your customers what they want in a way that is profitable and sustainable for your business.”

The value and benefit of your transactions need to be mutually shared. You both need to win. If this does not happen your customers will go away or your business will (or both).

When you do this, your customer loyalty will increase. And it will be more stable because it becomes part of your company’s culture (not a project or a program that’s here today and gone next quarter.)

You create (or increase) customer loyalty by giving your customers the experience they want. This means you deliver the right product, in the right way, at the right time and the right price to the right people.

Customer Loyalty Drives Revenue, Profits and Sustainability

This is a cornerstone of Amazing Service. Everything I write and talk about flows from this.

But not everyone buys it. Most people say they do. But we have all experienced examples of companies that really don’t get this.

In their book Human Sigma, Fleming and Asplund cite a stunning example of this. A consumer bank had discovered a highly loyal segment of their customers. When they presented this information to the CEO his response was:

“Wow! Those poor people. They really need to get a life!”

Certainly they need to get a new bank.

Beyond our own common sense, there is plenty of research to affirm the value of customer loyalty.

Here’s an even better way to see the value of customer loyalty because it’s tailored to your company.

It’s called the Customer Loyalty Value Calculator. It’s a free online tool you can use to see how increasing customer loyalty might increase your revenue and profits.

You can enter your company’s specific information and the calculator will show you how changing the three components of Customer Loyalty will affect your revenue and profits.

(This calculator is entirely confidential. No information is stored or recorded. Only you see what you enter.)

The calculator breaks out the three main parts of customer loyalty. It’s easier to see the benefits (and solutions) if we look at the components of customer loyalty one at a time.

I call these the Three Rs of Customer Loyalty.


The Three Rs of Customer Loyalty

To increase customer loyalty you need to measure these three components. And you need to make changes that will cause these three measures to increase.

1. Retention

Your customers keep coming back year after year. They stay with you.

2. Repetition

Your customers increase the amount of business they do with you. More transactions or larger transactions.

3. Referrals

Your customers tell others to do business with you. They are more likely to become customers because they have already started to bridge the Trust Gap. Someone they trust has already told them YOU can help them.

As you increase any of the three “Rs” your Customer Loyalty will also increase. The more of them you increase, the more your loyalty will increase.

The calculator helps show this in a very tangible way because it shows how your revenue and profits might change as you increase any or all of the Three Rs of Customer Loyalty.

Here’s what I do for your organization

I help you move the needle into the green zone.

And the changes you make along the way help you keep it there.

There are two tools I use to help you move the needle.

The 6 Habits of Amazing Service for Managers

The first tool helps you change your organization’s culture. This enables you to create permanent change. It’s about developing new organizational habits that help you:

• Build better relationships with your customers
• Understand your customers better
• Constantly improve how you serve them

The 6 Habits of Amazing Service for Employees

The second tool helps you change the behaviors and attitudes of your employees so they are able and willing to serve your customers better. This helps you help them stay motivated and skilled to deliver the experience your customers want every time, with no exceptions and no excuses.

It’s about your team developing new habits that help them:

• Deliver the experience your customers want every time
• Stay motivated to always be on their “A Game”
• Engage customers and each other to constantly improve

Together, these two tools address both sides of the customer loyalty puzzle. They help you learn what your customers want and how to deliver it in a profitable and sustainable way.

You need to do both well to have a healthy organization.

Both sets of “habits” are conceptual tools with practical value. They are road-tested and easy to use. They are designed to help you learn fast and use what you learn right away.