Never assume everything is clear to your customer

Communication is the surest path to delivering Amazing service to our customers. But it’s often harder than we realize to be on the same page with our customers.

Here’s a funny (and true) example of how something can seem so clear to an employee but not their customers. Thanks to the good people at for this.

Me: “Hi, [pizza place].”

Customer: “Hi, it says you have a nine inch small pizza. How big is that?”

Me: “Nine inches, six slices.”

Customer: “But how big is it?”

Me: “The diameter of the pizza is approximately nine inches. There are six slices.”

Customer: “Like, ok, but you already told me that. How big is it?”

Me: “I’m not sure what other metric to use. The pie is slightly smaller across than a third of a meter.”

Customer: *brief pause* “Okay, what size is the medium?”

Me: “Twelve inches, six slices.”

Customer: *another brief pause* “The small has six too. So they’re the same size?!”

Next time you have contact with a customer, think of this example and apply it to your situation. Are you helping the customer understand everything as clearly as you do?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz