Winn-Dixie Customer service employees stop scam artist, save customer thousands

Last week AT&T showed why you should hire people who care. Their customer service employee literally saved her customer’s life.  Now Winn-Dixie is schooling us in the fine art of going the extra mile for your customers.

Recently, employees in their Stuart, FL store helped two of their customers avoid losing almost $3000 as victim of a con artist.

As  the couple was about to send $2796 to supposedly get their grandson out of jail, the Winn-Dixie employees got involved.

“Clerks at the store heard the story and persuaded her to delay sending the money until the story could be verified…”

Because of these caring employees, this couple saved their money and discovered their grandson was fine.  Even better, they learned what good friends they had in the people who worked at their local Winn-Dixie. (See full story here.)

I talk a lot about hiring people who care. The logic is that they will naturally do what’s right, because they place a priority on taking care of others.  They will not need instructions to be nice and to look out for others. As I like to say, “you can’t train friendly.”

It’s an easy concept to grasp.

But it’s so nice when things happen that demonstrate this in living color. It’s so much more fun to share a story like this than to simply state a fact. A story like this reminds us that people who care make the best employees for every company. And companies that hire people who care will benefit in more ways than surveys and metrics can measure.

Pretend the couple in this story were your grandparents. How would you feel about the people at Winn-Dixie who cared enough to help them? Need I say more?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz