Why Does Jay Leno Like Subway?

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2 Responses to “Why Does Jay Leno Like Subway?”

  1. Yes! Ask them! Call it research, call it chit chat, call it whatever, but sit down with them and just ask them why they come back. What they like, don’t like, would improve, etc. Maybe something more formal(survey) if appropriate but, bottomline, talk with your customers. The insight can be business-changing!

    But, and here’s the key, you have to act on this information. I don’t know how many companies I’ve talked with that solicited customer feedback — in expensive and highly technically savvy ways, too — but did nothing with the data. A treasure trove of insight from the very people who matter most. How a responsible manager or business owner could let something like this sit and gather dust is beyond me!

    Thanks, Kevin. I know a real estate developer that has almost 1000 prospect/customer feedback cards sitting in boxes in his office(for almost a year). In the meantime, he’s struggling with sales. You’ve inspired me to give him a call and get him to do something about that, now! ; )

    Seattle, WA

  2. very informative