Who Uses Twitter for Customer Service?

More and more companies are using social media tools, like Twitter, to engage and serve their customers better. And Twitter is encouraging this with their recently published guide: Twitter 101 which has helpful ideas on how businesses can use Twitter better.

Over at TweetMyCustomer.com, I’m updating my recent list of companies that use Twitter. Of course, it will never be complete because Twitter is growing too fast. But it’s useful to see a cross-section of what organizations are using Twitter to engage their customers.

And you can help.

What companies and organizations do you know of that are using Twitter? Please take a moment and share what you know. There are a couple easy ways to do so:

1. Email me using this form.

2. Use the comment form below

3. Post your info. on Twitter and use my Twitter ID: @kevinstirtz

Thanks for your help!

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz