What’s Your Job?

Last night my wife and I watched some of the best hockey I’ve seen in years. At the urging of two of our nieces (“our team is in state – you HAVE to come watch!”) we spent the evening hooting and hollering for the Little Falls high school team at the Minnesota State High School Tournament.  And their team put on quite a show. They didn’t just come to win this year. They came to WIN.

As I watched our adopted team shred their competition, I noticed they were not just scoring goals.  They were doing things that resulted in scoring goals. And they did them with better quality and in greater quantity than the other team did.For example, they brought the game to the other team. I have no official stats but it seemed to me our team spent most of the game in front of the other team’s net. And while they were there they shot on net. A lot.  In the end they shot the puck 27 times while the other team shot only 18.

This is hockey 101. To score a goal you have to shoot the puck at the net. The more you do that, the more you’ll score. As a hockey team, that’s your job. You shoot the puck at the net as often as you can. And this team did that very well.

It made me think of how we can win the game of customer loyalty.

To keep our customers coming back we have to give them what they want in a way that is sustainable for us. It needs to work for us as well as our customers. And to do this we need to know two things. First, we need to know what our customers want from us. Second, we need to know what we do best. Then we need to combine those two and focus on where they overlap.

That’s our job.

To do this job well we need to talk to our customers and employees. We need to reach out to them. And we need to make it easy and convenient for them to give us feedback. Then we need to use this information. Finally, we need to keep doing this again and again and again.

Just like the hockey players who thrilled us last night with their magnificent win.

That’s how we win the game of customer loyalty. That’s how we keep our customers coming back, no matter what the economy is like.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz