What Do Your Customers Want?

What Do Your Customers Want?
I read a recent report by Accenture that I found downright exciting. It’s the results of their 2008 Customer Satisfaction Survey. (Click here to download your own copy.)

Much of the report was old news to me simply because I live and breathe this stuff. But I think every business owner, executive, manager, employee, consultant and professional should read it. Because it makes sense and could help many companies survive the next two years.

One thing that this survey highlights is that customers will leave you even if they think you deliver good service. They might rate you good on the quality of service you deliver. But if you do not give them what they want, they will leave.

Hmmm. That makes sense.

So the goal becomes not to deliver good (or great or excellent or whatever superlative you want) customer service. The goals needs to be:

Give your customers what they want.

Does that sound right? (I hope you said NO.)

If we only focus on giving our customers what they want, we’ll run ourselves out of business. Because what they want might not be something we can give them in a way that’s sustainable for us. So, the REAL goal is:

Give our customers what they want (plus a little more) in a way that is sustainable for our company.

That is the ONLY way we’ll keep our customers coming back and build a sustainable business. That’s the only way everyone wins.

As you plan for 2009, ask yourself these questions:

1. What do my best customers want most?
2. What does my company do best?
3. How can I discover these things?
4. What is the first step I/we need to take to answer these questions AND put those answers into action?

That will get you started on the path toward having more loyal customers and a business that can survive just about anything.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz