What are you really doing for your customers?

We hear a lot about customer experience and going the extra mile for our customers. And these are good things. Every employee in every business should pay attention to these. But it’s not just the employees who are responsible for this. Management has to lead the charge.

If you want more loyal customers, the kind who come back again and again, the wonderful people who tell their friends, neighbors and everyone else about you, then you need to make service a priority across your organization. Front line employees can’t make this happen alone.

And when you make this commitment, you need to tell the world about it. Do this by telling people what it’s like doing business with you. Tell them and show them what they can expect when they become your customer.

When you tell someone how well you’ll take care of them and then you do it, they remember. You give them a wow (because it’s a surprise). And you give them a reason to come back and tell others. So they do. Next thing you know, your repeat business and customer referrals are going through the roof.

This video demonstrates this idea. It tells what customers can expect by showing what they are NOT getting from the competition.

Every organization does something for their customers. Figure out what yours does. What experience do you deliver that puts you ahead of your competitors? Develop a message around this experience. Then publish it. Tell your customers about it.

If you tell people what to expect (assuming it’s what they want) and then do it for them, they’ll become loyal customers. It’s that simple.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz