We Can Always Choose To Do The Right Thing

We Can Always Choose To Do The Right Thing

By now most of us have heard of the two Boy Scout leaders who re-arranged part of a National Park in Utah.

With one bad choice these guys created a lifetime of bad publicity for themselves and their families. From lawsuits to death threats to plain old embarrassment, these guys have seen their lives turned upside down.

When we work with customers, we have the same choice as these guys had. We can either ignore what others might think about our actions. Or we can consider how our actions might appear to (and affect) those around us.

  • We can choose to offer a genuine smile to everyone we meet
  • We can choose to give a customer our attention rather than chat with a co-worker about their weekend plans
  • We can choose to go the extra mile as we  help our customers (or co-workers)
  • We can choose to focus on creating solutions rather than enforcing policies

Everything we do is the result a choice we make. And we have the ability to make the right choice every time with every person we meet. 

That’s a powerful opportunity. How will you use it today?