Use The Amazing Service Toolkit to Improve Customer Service All Year

It’s finally here! Customer Service Week is upon us once again.  Every year it gets bigger and better.  I hope this translates into better customer service for more people.

So my question for you is: what are you doing to make the most of this week?

Here’s a suggestion: Download the Amazing Customer Service Toolkit

Have everyone on your team read this. Print a copy for everyone or have them read it on-screen. Ask them to read the whole thing right away. (It’s a fast read!)

Then plan to discuss one topic at a time at your team meetings. There are 13 chapters so if you discuss one a week you’ll be done in three months. If you tackle one every four weeks you’ll be done in a year. (This way you get to celebrate Customer Service Week all year!)

Before each meeting, have everyone re-read the chapter you’re going to discuss. At your meeting have a discussion about the chapter.

Here are some discussion starters:

  • What did you think about the chapter you read?
  • How does this material apply to our team or company?
  • What one thing stood out as most useful for us?
  • What situations have you dealt with that relate to this topic?
  • What would some benefits be to our customers if we applied some of these ideas?
  • How would that help our company, our team, or us individually?
  • How could you use some of these ideas in your job?
  • If you were to pick one idea from this chapter to implement, which would it be?
  • Why that one?
  • What is the first thing we would need to do to start using this idea or tool in our company (or on our team)?

Make sure your people know the purpose is to find ways to put these ideas into use in your company right away. Direct your efforts toward that objective.

By talking about these ideas at least once every month, you’ll keep these topics front and center, where they should be. This increases the likelihood that people will stay focused on delivering Amazing Customer Service more. Customer service is important all year long. It’s good to put it on a pedestal once a year. But the most successful people focus on it every day. And they have the most loyal customers too.