Two Simple Rules for More Loyal Customers

I talk and write a lot about giving our customers what they want. Because if we fail to give them what they want they’ll leave us. That’s what customer loyalty is all about. But as we do this, we should keep in mind some guidelines.

The following video helps us see (in a funny way) what some companies do wrong as they try to keep their customers coming back.

First, they forget to ask their customer what he wants until its too late. They keep trying different things, assuming he’ll find them interesting. Finally, as he runs away (in fear) they ask the all important question “what do you want?”

The other thing this video does well is show us the dangers of going overboard for our customers. Sure we want to thrill them so they like doing business with us. If we give them a positive and memorable experience they’ll be more loyal. And we can do this by going the extra mile. But if we go too far, we can chase customers away forever.

How do you discover what your customers want? And what do you to go the extra mile without going overboard?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz