Tiny shop uses Twitter to connect to one customer at a time

Often my conversations with people make me think we’re facing a growing technology divide. One group of my friends and colleagues are actively online and, for the most part, use social media like Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn. But others stare at me like I’m speaking in tongues when I talk about using these social media tools to connect with their customers.

That’s why I love Chris Brogan’s recent post about a small comic shop in Amesbury, MA that uses Twitter very effectively. As Chris points out:

And Mick runs a small store with just a few employees. If he can find the time to sell this way, you have to really think about it.

Mick, the owner of this tiny technology savvy comic book shop send tweets to people, one at a time. He makes them relevant and meaningful to each person.

So rather than blasting hundreds or thousands of generic, bland, impersonal messages to people, he honors them by connecting one on one.

And it works.

What could YOU do to connect with your customers, one person (and one message) at a time?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz