Top 10 Customer Service Books

Here are ten of the best customer service books available. If you are looking to improve customer service, handle complaints better or go the extra mile for customers, these books can help get you going in the right direction.

Keep in mind these are just my opinions – no crowd-sourcing or other survey techniques have been used here.  And, as always, I welcome your opinions in the form of comments, questions and additions to the list (hey I’m not perfect!).

The Amazing Service Guy’s Top 10 Customer Service Books

1. Unleashing Excellence by Dennis Snow & Teri Yanovitch

Why listed: Well organized and laid out plus practical tips and tools. A winner!
Like best: Core Tool#1: The Service Philosophy

2. Award Winning Customer Service by Renee Evenson

Why listed: Packed full of useful information anyone can use right now.
Like best:  Like the focus on the individual. Written so any employee can use it to improve their service delivery.

3. Who’s Your Gladys by Marilyn Suttle & Lori Jo Vest

Why listed:  Lots of detail and value in stories used as examples. Good way to bring concepts to life.
Like best: Loved the “Gladys Responds” section at the end. Nice way to sum up the ideas.

4. Your Call is Not That Important to Us by Emily Yellin

Why listed: Focus is on how companies are trying to improve customer service.
Like best: History of AT&T’s Theodore Newton Vail, a business man about 100 years ahead of his time.

5. Customer Satisfaction is Worthless by Jeffrey Gitomer

Why listed: Gitomer delivers his message with punch. Love him or hate him, he gets your attention.
Like best: Lots of lists and very interactive. Busy but innovative design for a book.

6. Customer Loyalty Guaranteed Chip R. Bell & John R. Patterson

Why listed: Useful information but fast reading format. Easy to pickup and get value from.
Like best: Strong focus on leader’s responsibility for customer service in the organization.

7. That’s Customer Focus by Ray Miller and Laura E. Miller

Why listed: Covers all the basics in a well organized, easy to follow manner.
Like best: Rules to Live By, quizzes and Action suggestions.

8. Exceptional Customer Service by Lisa Ford, David McNair, William Perry and Tony Hsieh

Why listed: Well done update of a best-selling customer service classic.
Like best: Love the examples of well-known companies, especially Zappos.

9. Customers for Life by Carl Sewell and Paul Brown

Why listed: Hands on, real life and how to. Good for owners, managers and employees.
Like best: Big emphasis on learning what customers want and then giving it to them.

10. The Cult of the Customer by Shep Hyken

Why listed: Fun read with solid ideas and tools. Focus is building your business around your customers.
Like best: The Art of WOW (Chapter 16)

Honorable Mention:

Zappos Culture Book – 2009 by

Why listed: Extremely motivational. Great reference guide or daily reader for everyone on your team.
Like best: Real words from real employees.

What do YOU think?

Do you agree or disagree with this list? Please free to add your comments or suggestions (below) for top customer service books.

** Note from Kevin **

To avoid obvious bias, I have intentionally NOT included my own book, “More Loyal Customers”. But it has gotten good reviews from some readers. And my mom says it’s really good.  You can learn more about it here.

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The article was written by Kevin Stirtz