Top 10 Customer Service Blogs

Top 10 Customer Service Blogs

This is the March 2010 edition in my series of Top 10 Customer Service lists. Every month I’ll present my top 10 list of resources that can help you improve customer service and increase customer loyalty.

To keep the lists readable I won’t go into a lot of detail on each item. But each resource listed will have a link to more information.

** Keep in mind these are just my opinions – no crowd-sourcing or other survey techniques have been used here. And, as always, I welcome your opinions in the form of comments, questions and additions to the list (hey I’m not perfect!).

The Amazing Service Guy’s Top 10 Customer Service Blogs

1. Who’s Your Gladys
Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest

Why listed: Frequent postings and a variety from many leading customer service experts
Like best: Love the plentiful tips on how to give good service. Very useful!

2. Glenn Ross
Customer Service Experience

Why listed: Writing this blog since 2005, Glenn has covered almost every aspect of customer service. There’s a goldmine here!
Like best: Recent post: Lies, Dam* Lies, & Corporate Metrics

3. Dennis Snow
Speaking of Service Excellence

Why listed: Dennis brings years of Disney experience to make this blog useful for management and customer facing employees.
Like best: Recent post where Dennis discusses “service mapping”. Great tool to design customer service better.

4. Douglas Hanna, et al.
Service Untitled

Why listed: Regular posts provide a wide range of useful content. From cutting edge technology to personal examples. Good stuff!
Like best: Easy navigation using relevant and meaningful categories. Very customer-friendly blog!

5. Merdekah “Meikah” Ybañez-Delid

Why listed: Rich variety of resources, tips and news on customer service improvement
Like best: The CustServ Roundup, a list of interesting customer service news and posts from around the Web.

6. Maria Palma
People2People Service

Why listed: Maria manages the Customer Service Carnivale, a great resource for customer service insights and advice.
Like best: Mix of stories, resources and tips. Well done Maria!

7. Bob Thompson, et al.
Customer Think

Why listed: Largest multi-author blog covering customer service.  You’ll find both quality and quantity here.
Like best: Huge collection of white papers, screencasts and links to other advanced resources

8. Deborah Chaddock Brown
Make or Break Moments

Why listed: Practical, real-world tips on improving customer service.
Like best:  Customer service lessons can we learn from seven classic fairy tales (free ebook)

9. Steve Curtin
Service that Sticks ™

Why listed: Steve offers many true life examples of customer service, and relevant lessons from them.
Like best: Helpful how-to tips on every page (and a pineapple!)

10. Brent Leary
Brent’s Social CRM Blog

Why listed: More about social media technology than customer service but Brent does a nice job combining the two. He provides a helpful context about why social media and community management are important to serving our customers well.
Like best: Recent post: The Future of Customer Service is Here – Are You Ready For It?

Honorable Mention:

Guy Kawasaki
How to Change the World – The Art of Customer Service

Why listed: Not specifically a customer service blogger but Guy Kawasaki is a big believer in the importance of customer service. His attitude about customer service is important enough to recognize here because of his influence as a biz author/celeb.
Like best:  “Start at the top. The CEO’s attitude towards customer service is the primary determinant of the quality of service that a company delivers.”

What do YOU think?

Do you agree or disagree with this list? Please free to add your comments or suggestions (below) for top customer service books.

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