To Improve Customer Service, Be Easy to Work With

Amazing Customer Service Rule #17

Be easy to work with.

We have policies and procedures. We have rules and regulations. Usually they exist because of good intentions. But they often become obstacles to our customers. They develop to solve problems we face as we serve our customers but sometimes they become the problem.

If we fail to realize when we put obstacles in front of our customers, then we’re failing to serve them well. When our rules and procedures serve our needs and disregard our customers, then we’re failing to put our customers first.

Luckily, the solution to this problem is easy. First, get feedback from your customers. Have them tell you how hard or easy it is to be your customer. Second, be your customer. If possible, buy your company’s product or service and experience some of what they do in the process.

A third option is to hire mystery shoppers. They will report their experiences as a customer so you can see where you might be creating customer roadblocks without realizing it.

Every day think of how you can make your company easy to do business with. Do this and you’ll have customers lined up for miles.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz