The Smart Marketing Formula – Part 2

A few weeks ago I renamed my marketing formula and talked about the first element, “Awareness”.

A= (T * E2 * M)

(Remember, “A” equals Awareness which means people know about our business and are likely to become customers.)

Today we’re going to talk about the next element that makes the Smart Marketing Formula work: “Time”.

Time is a constant for all of us. But what we do with it makes a difference in how much success we have. So, as we market our businesses, “Time” can be our best friend. Or it can be our worst enemy.

The more time we spend creating effective marketing activities, the more positive awareness we create. The more time we spend delivering a great customer experience, the more positive awareness we create.

On the other hand, the less time we spend on these things, the less awareness we develop (and the fewer customers we have).

It helps me to think of time like a checking account that gets filled every morning and emptied every night. No matter how much we use today, we have the same amount available tomorrow. And, whatever we don’t use, we lose every day. We can never get it back.

To be most effective and successful, we need to spend all the time we’re given each day. We need to spend it on what matters most to us.

In terms of growing our business, it means we spend our time letting our customers know how we can help them get what they want and why they should believe us. It also means helping them have the type of experience they want when they do business with us.

The other thing to remember about time is that it’s cumulative. The more time you spend doing something, the better results you get.

When I was a freshman in college, for some strange reason, I took a class in photography. One of the things I learned was that light is cumulative. The longer film is exposed to light, the darker it gets. I think of the light hitting the film and piling up, like sand being poured from a bucket.

Time works the same way. It piles up.

So, the more time you spend delivering your message, the better you get at delivering it. The more people hear your message, the more they remember and believe it (assuming it’s true). And the more often your customers have a good experience when doing business with you, the more they remember it and they believe it will continue.

Make time your friend. Remember to spend it wisely each day. Make the most of it by using it consistently each day. Let the benefits of your time pile up in your favor.

Next time we’ll talk about the “M” in our formula which stands for Marketing Activities. See you then!

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz