Talk to Your Customers

Here is your Daily Dose of Amazing Service:

Talk to your customers.

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

Okay, I know today’s Daily Dose seems obvious. But maybe that’s the problem. It’s so obvious, we forget about it. We get busy doing our jobs, we focus on everything we have to get done. We are efficient with our customers and our To Do Lists (because we’re all busy, right!). But in the middle of all this focus on tasks and efficiency, it’s easy to forget to have conversations with our customers.

Make time to chat with your customers like real people. Not surveys, not scripted questions. Real conversation. Pretend you’re talking to a friend, someone you ENJOY chatting with. Get interested in your customers. Zappos does this very well.

When you do this you create more trust and better communication. You open up doors to them that can help build a closer, more fruitful relationship. You can discover new ways to help them because you learn more about them. And because you care.

Today, make a point to have genuine conversations with at least three customers (do more if you want). What questions could you ask to do this? How could you get this conversation going?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz