T-Mobile Protection 360 vs. AppleCare+

It’s a modern-day riddle: you’ve just dropped a chunk of your paycheck on a shiny new device, and now you’re wondering how to protect your investment. With a range of coverage plans out there, picking the right one can feel like betting on the weather. In the contest of protection plans, two front runners – T-Mobile Protection 360 and AppleCare+ – stand out in the crowd. Let’s dive into the details.

Features of AppleCare+

Think of AppleCare+ as your device’s bodyguard for two (or three) years after your purchase. For an iPhone XS, for instance, the protection costs either a single hit of $199 or a monthly jab of $9.99 over two years. An iPad’s safety net can run you up to $129, while MacBook owners can shell out between $249 and $379 for three years of coverage.

But here’s the kicker: you’re limited to just two accidental damage claims during the coverage period. Crack your screen a third time, and you might as well be buying a new iPad.

Features of T-Mobile Protection 360

On the flip side, T-Mobile’s Protection360 swings in with a superhero cape, ready to rescue your device from a broader spectrum of mishaps. It’s not just about fixing cracks and creaks; if your phone is lost or ‘stolen’, Protection 360 is on the case.

The plan’s claim policy is a bit more generous than AppleCare+, offering up to five claims in 12 months and a service fee for fixes.

T-Mobile vs. AppleCare+

T-Mobile Protection 360 AppleCare+
Cost for iPhone CoverageVaries by plan$199/year or $9.99/month
Cost for iPad CoverageVaries by planUp to $129 for iPad Pro
Cost for MacBook CoverageNot ApplicableUp to $379 for 15-inch MacBook Pro
Accidental Damage ClaimsUp to five claims in 12 monthsLimited to two incidents over two or three years
Loss and Theft CoverageIncludedExtra cost for Theft and Loss plan
Repair and ReplacementNext-day replacement, $29 cracked screen repairService fees apply

Deep Dive into the Fine Print

For Apple aficionados, AppleCare+ is as snug as a bug in a rug—if you live near an Apple Store. But if you’re far from the orchard, mailing your device for service can be a bitter apple to bite. And don’t get us started on the ‘Theft and Loss’ plan. To qualify for a replacement, you better have “Find My iPhone” activated, or your loss plan is as good as gone.

Why You Should Choose T-Mobile Protection 360?

  • More claims allowed: You get to goof up more often with up to five claims in a year.
  • Broad coverage: The plan’s got your back even if your device decides to elope with a stranger.
  • Bundle discounts: If you’ve got a bunch of devices under T-Mobile’s umbrella, expect some savings to rain down on you.


For those about to rock a new iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, consider the cost. AppleCare+ might seem steep upfront, but it’s a worthwhile splurge for the dedicated Apple user. Meanwhile, T-Mobile Protection 360 fans rejoice in the plan’s flexibility and its ability to protect a whole lineup


1. Is AppleCare the same as Protection 360?

No, AppleCare is not the same as Protection<360>. While AppleCare is a service provided by Apple for its devices, Protection<360> is a separate device protection program offered by T-Mobile. It encompasses repairs through Assurant and replacements by T-Mobile and includes deductibles that are competitive with other carriers like Verizon and AT&T.

2. Does Protection 360 include AppleCare Plus?

Yes, Protection<360> includes access to both an insurance plan and a service contract plan for eligible Apple devices, which incorporates AppleCare services within its coverage.

3. What is T Mobile Protection 360?

Protection<360> is T-Mobile’s comprehensive device protection program. It covers the repair or replacement of your T-Mobile device in case of hardware service issues after the original warranty period, accidental damage, and in unfortunate cases loss and theft.

4. Is AppleCare Plus worth it?

Whether AppleCare Plus is worth it depends on your personal risk tolerance and the value you place on peace of mind. Considering the high cost of Apple devices, AppleCare Plus can be a sensible investment for those who want to mitigate potential repair or replacement expenses.