Spam should stay in the can, not in your customer’s face

Here is your Daily Dose of Amazing Service:

Don’t spam your customers in any form

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

We hear a lot about spam (the technology kind, not the food product) but usually it’s in the context of email. But, we don’t typically think of spam in terms of customer service. We should though because, no matter how it’s being used, spam is dangerous and damaging to businesses that use it.

Take Blockbuster for example.

When I used to be a regular customer,  Every time I rented a movie, they asked me  if I wanted to join their monthly membership program.  And I said “no” every time. The first offer was fine. After that they were spamming me. They kept pitching me something I clearly did not want. And it irritated me.

So I became a former customer.

As a customer, observe the companies you do business with. How many push things at you without any idea if you’re interested? How does it feel to get pestered repeatedly with useless offers? That’s spam. Don’t so it to your customers. Leave the spam in the can.