Social media tools to save you time

If you use social media to connect with your customers you probably have a similar lament as many of us. It takes a lot of time! But it’s important so we do it.

The good news is, using social media platforms to engage your customers gets easier every day. And today, my friend, Paul Chaney, tells us about several that make his life easier. Maybe they’ll work for you too.

In his article, Paul describes these five tools to use social media more efficiently:

Nutshell Mail
Sprout Social

Paul reviews the features of each tool and offers his opinion on how they can be used to make your social media life easier.

My favorite is HootSuite which I used for the past year. It’s web based and it has a handy built-in URL shortener. Plus it works with Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress, MySPace and PingFM.

Which social media tools do you use? Which is your favorite?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz