Social Customer Guru Frank Eliason Talks About Listening

Social Customer Guru Frank Eliason Talks About Listening

When Frank Eliason worked at Comcast, I was a happy customer. Because even though Frank managed the company’s social media customer care he was not above rolling up his sleeves and helping customers directly.  Maybe that’s why he rose to such super-stardom in the world of social customer support.

Now Frank has moved on to other opportunities, no doubt taming social media and customer service dragons by the score. And while doing that he also takes time to write about such things. Recently he authored a piece for Forbes on the importance of listening to our customers, something Frank knows a lot about.

Some key take aways from his article:

  • Many companies tell us they listen but they really don’t
  • Even if they do we’d never know it because we never hear back from them after we offer our feedback
  • Listening is something that can benefit all of us but especially leaders

Finally, he talks about the power of combining the story-telling ability of marketing with the story-creating potential of customer service. After all, customers often know more about our businesses than we do. So why not let them help create the story?

Read Frank’s article here: XeroxVoice: How to Hear Your Customer: Connect Marketing to Customer Service – Forbes.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz