Shopify Outsourced Customer Service: A Guide to Making the Right Choice

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on outsourcing customer service for your Shopify store. As your business grows, managing customer service in-house can become overwhelming. Outsourcing can be a lifesaver, allowing you to focus on your core business while ensuring your customers receive top-notch service. This article explores five leading Shopify customer service agencies, highlighting their key features and weighing their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Shopify Outsource Customer Service

1. Helplama

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Visitor Tracking and Shopify Conversions
  • Domain Expertise in various sectors
  • Zero-Risk Model ensuring service quality
  • Comprehensive support including Live Chat, Email, Phone, and Technical Support
Pros & Cons
Round-the-clock supportPricing may be higher for smaller businesses
Diverse support channelsLimited to Shopify-centric businesses
Customized support based on store history

2. Sellersmile

  • Specializes in Reputation Management
  • Real-time Live Chat and Social Media Support
  • Team Training for consistent service quality
  • Comprehensive FAQ Management
  • Voicemail Follow-Ups and Amazon Email Automation
Pros & Cons
Extensive reputation managementPrimarily US-based support
Multi-channel supportMay not be ideal for non-English speaking customers
Amazon-specific services

3. Simplr

  • 24/7 support with AI-Enabled Platform
  • Human Cloud Network ensuring on-demand scaling
  • Actionable Insights for continuous improvement
  • Pay-per-resolution pricing model
  • Focus on retail, technology, and food industries
Pros & Cons
Flexible pay-per-resolution modelMay not be suitable for very small businesses
AI integration for efficiency
Scalable according to demand

4. Helpware

  • Global reach across 4 continents
  • Digital Customer Experience and AI Operations
  • Back-Office Support and Micro tasking Platform
  • Omnichannel integration for seamless customer experience
  • In-app support and Social Media Support
Pros & Cons
Wide range of services including AI and back-office supportSetup fee required
Strong focus on omnichannel experiencePackage-based pricing may not fit all budgets
Global service coverage

5. Octopus Tech

  • Email and Chat Support
  • Call Center Support including both voice and non-voice services
  • Specialized in mobile app development and web design
  • Comprehensive E-Surveillance Services
  • Expertise in telemarketing and outbound/inbound services
Pros & Cons
Versatile services beyond customer supportMay not specialize exclusively in e-commerce
Strong voice support capabilitiesPrimarily based in India, which may affect time-zone alignment
Customized pricing for flexibility


Outsourcing customer service for your Shopify store can significantly enhance your business operations. Each of the agencies discussed – Helplama, Sellersmile, Simplr, Helpware, and Octopus Tech – offers unique features and services tailored to different business needs. Whether you prioritize 24/7 support, omnichannel integration, AI-driven solutions, global coverage, or diverse service offerings, there is an option available to suit your requirements. Carefully consider the pros and cons of each to determine which service aligns best with your business objectives and customer service goals. Ultimately, the right outsourcing partner can empower you to focus on your core business, save costs, and provide a seamless and satisfying experience for your customers.