See your customer as someone who needs your help

Amazing Customer Service Rule #34

See your customer only as someone who needs your help.

It’s easy for us to judge people harshly especially if they’re different than we are or if they are upset or angry. When a customer raises their voice or is impatient or otherwise not so pleasant, it’s easy for us to respond in kind. Often we let ourselves get “hooked” into their way of behaving. But no matter how our customer is acting, our success in helping them depends on our actions and our attitude – not theirs.

When you’re confronted with a customer you’d like to strangle, remember to:

Stop yourself from getting hooked into their emotional state
Challenge the value of any behaviors that come from that state and
Choose to do things in a professional and remarkable way

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To deliver Amazing Service, remember your customer is there because they want and need YOUR help. And remember how good it feels to help someone in need!

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz