Say thank you as often as you can

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Say ‘thank you’ as often as you can

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

This is a topic that should NEVER have to be taught, trained or written about. It’s too basic. But as customers, we know, saying ‘thank you’ may be common courtesy but it’s not common sense.

There at least three good reasons to thank our customers as often as we can. First, it acknowledges them. And, being acknowledged is a basic human desire. Second, it feels good, to both people. A sincere ‘thank you’ has no calories, no fat and nothing that will harm you. It’s 100% good stuff.

The third reason is because it will make you stand out, in a good way. Because so few people offer a genuine ‘thank you’ anymore, when you do, you’re an exception. It makes a difference. Your customers will notice. (So will your co-workers!)

Here are eight ways you can say “thank you” to the people in your life:

Thank you
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Mila Esker

(And a big THANKS to the friendly people who created “Thank you in over 465 languages“.)

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz