New law will start healthy conversations between restaurants and customers

Recently new legislation was passed that requires restaurant companies with 20 or more locations to publish calorie counts of the food they serve. They’re also required to make information on sodium, carbs and fat available at a customer’s request.

It’s about time!

If you know me, you know I’m no fan of over-regulating our businesses. But I do believe laws like this are useful when they help an industry make changes that benefit most (in my opinion, all) of their customers. Health and nutritional advocates have been pushing this for years. But a law like this offers the level playing field that makes it more palatable to restaurant owners.

By offering more relevant information to customers, restaurants will enable their customers to make healthier choices, if they want. Not all customers will. But I think most will use this information to their benefit.

Will this change menus or dining habits?

I think it will. It won’t necessarily be a fast change. But by putting this information in front of customers where they’ll see it, restaurants will find communication will improve. More customers will start paying attention to the food they get in their favorite restaurants. And more will start asking questions and offering their feedback.

This law could actually spur more conversations between restaurants and their customers.The smart restaurant companies will make sure they are ready, willing and able to have these conversations. They’ll encourage them and extend them. And they’ll do something with them. They will use these conversations to improve how they serve their customers.

And THAT will lead to healthier dining choices for everyone.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz