Remember to put yourself in their shoes

Amazing Customer Service Rule #23

Remember to PYITS:


Try to see things from their perspective in as many ways as you can. This should be easy because we’re all customers.

Think about when you’re the customer. How do you feel and what do you want from people you buy from? What are the top three things you want from them? Most people want similar things like courtesy, helpful information, solutions (rather than dead-ends), a friendly smile, fair value and quick service.

What about when you’re angry or frustrated with a company or person you do business with? Think about the emotions you have in those situations. And consider your motivations too. What drives you in those interactions? What actions do you want from the people you do business with? How do you want them to resolve your complaints?

We all wear at least two hats. One is our “service” hat which we wear when we are serving others. Another is our “customer” hat. Keep both of them handy at all times as a reminder to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz