Recipe for a Great Customer Experience


Recently, at our weekly breakfast club meeting we were treated to one of the better dining experiences I have had in a long time.

It didn’t happen because the food was spectacular. It wasn’t. It wasn’t because the restaurant team did everything right. They didn’t. And it’s not that our server was overly funny or charming or entertaining. He wasn’t.

It was a great experience because we were able to enjoy our food and each other without being distracted. Our server was not the center of attention. That was not his job. And he knew it.

Every time someone at our table needed something, he was there. But he never interrupted any conversation. He never reached over any of us. He brought us our food and delivered it correctly to each person without “auctioning” it. He never disrupted what we were doing. His “performance” was subtle and understated.

The outcome was we were able to do exactly what we wanted: Share some fun conversation with each other while we broke bread.

Does your service disrupt or distract your customers? If it pulls their away attention from the experience they want, then it’s not building loyalty.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz