Onsitego vs OneAssist

When it comes to safeguarding our appliances, extended warranty plans are a sign of relief amidst the uncertainties of damages and malfunctions. Two prominent players in this arena, Onsitego and OneAssist, offer varied warranty plans designed to cater to different needs and appliance types. Let’s delve into what they offer and how they stack up against each other.

Onsitego Extended Warranty Plans

With plans offering 1 to 2 years of extended warranty for small appliances, Onsitego ranks at a customer satisfaction level of 3.8 to 4.1. The cost-effective plans, starting from Rs. 298, extend up to Rs. 649 for a higher appliance price range.

Key Features of Onsitego Plans:

  • Email Delivery with no physical kit
  • Comprehensive Appliance Coverage: Includes a wide array of small appliances
  • Limited Coverage: Up to the invoice value and excludes physical damages
  • 100% Cashless Transactions and use of genuine spare parts
  • Free pick-up and drop service across India
  • Repair or Replacement Guarantee within a committed time frame

Plan Activation and Fulfilment:

Activation is required within 30 days of purchase, with a promised fulfilment within 4 hours of ordering.

OneAssist Protection Plans

OneAssist, garnering a buyer’s rank of 4.0 to 4.3, elevates the game with 3 years of total protection for appliances, with plans starting from Rs. 1,299 for washing machines and going up to Rs. 1,799 for refrigerators.

Distinct Offerings by OneAssist:

  • Extended protection for a longer period
  • Service availability on Sundays and verified experts
  • Unlimited Repairs with reinstated protection value after each claim
  • Quick Service Assurance: Guaranteed visit within 6 hours in select cities
  • 10 Days Resolution Guarantee or the product cost is refunded
  • One-point contact for all warranty and damage issues

Registration and Activation:

No action is required from the customer’s end as the plan is automatically activated within 15 days post-delivery.

Comparison Table: Onsitego vs OneAssist

Customer Ranking3.8 – 4.13.9 – 4.3
Plan Duration1 – 2 Years3 Years
Price Range for Small AppliancesRs. 298 – Rs. 649Rs. 1,299 – Rs. 1,799
Cashless RepairYesYes
Physical Kit DeliveryNoNo
Repair or Replacement GuaranteeYesYes
Activation PeriodWithin 30 days of purchaseAutomatic post-delivery


Choosing between Onsitego and OneAssist comes down to the duration of the coverage you need and the value-added services like the resolution time and expert availability. While Onsitego offers a quick and efficient service for smaller appliance needs, OneAssist appears to take the lead with its longer duration and added benefits for bigger appliances. Hence, the choice is subject to individual preferences and requirements.


1. Is Onsitego worth it?

They charged a nominal fee for the good service they offered. I shall surely consider their services for my electronics in the future. Professional, quick and awesome customer service provided by Onsitego. I am very happy and have decided that I will only get my electronics repaired from you.

2. How does OneAssist warranty work?

Once the customer has intimated OneAssist of damage and provided the required documents, OneAssist or their service providers will get the product repaired at customer’s doorstep. In case product is not repairable at customer’s place, Oneassist will provide free Pick up & drop of product free of cost for the customer.

3. What is the excess fee for OneAssist?

Insurance Partner charge 10% of your claim amount OR 3% /5% of your device Invoice value as excess charges depending upon the plan selected by you, we recommend you to go through the plan Terms and condition documents received by you as part of your welcome emailer to know the exact Excess charges applicable in your case.

4. How does Onsitego Extended Warranty work?

Onsitego Extended Warranty replicates the warranty provided by your manufacturer for a period of up to 4 years beyond what the manufacturer provides. The plan covers all malfunctions and manufacturing defects in the device or appliance.

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