Onsitego vs GoWarranty

When it comes to safeguarding our electronic devices, extended warranties and protection plans are becoming a vital part of the purchasing decision. It’s the shield against unforeseen expenses that come once the initial warranty fades away. Particularly with mobile phones, where the chance of accidental damage is high, such plans are not a luxury but a necessity.

Onsitego: A Closer Look at Extended Warranty Plans

What Onsitego Offers

  • Extended Warranty: Prolongs the manufacturer’s warranty by an additional year.
  • Screen Protection: Covers screen damage which is not usually included in a standard warranty.
  • Spills & Drops Protection: Safeguards against common accidents that can harm your device.

Coverage and Convenience

Onsitego spans a broad range of electronics beyond smartphones, including large home appliances. Their standout feature is their ‘No Questions Asked’ repair policy, simplifying the service process remarkably. Plus, the plan incorporates a free pick, repair, and drop service, ideal for the busy professional.

GoWarranty: Extension and Assurance

What GoWarranty Promises

Aligning closely with manufacturer warranties, GoWarranty extends the original coverage, ensuring that malfunctions and breakdowns are handled without additional costs. This service is comprehensive, covering manufacturing defects, software issues, and electrical malfunctions.

Service and Support

With an expansive reach across over 20,000 pin codes and a 100% cashless claim policy, GoWarranty makes the process smooth. Their real-time status updates keep you informed every step of the way.

Comparative Analysis: Features and Flexibility

Service ReachPan IndiaSelective Pin Codes
Coverage ScopeComprehensiveLimited to Plan
Accidental DamageIncludedNot Included
Pick and DropYesYes
Cashless ServiceYesYes
Repair or Replace Guarantee14 daysDepends on device

Service Assurance

While manufacturer warranties provide a degree of trust, they may not always assure complete service. Onsitego steps up with a 14-day repair or replace guarantee, offering tangible peace of mind. GoWarranty, in turn, assures comprehensive coverage up to the invoice value of the device.


Between Onsitego and GoWarranty, the decision comes down to what you value more—comprehensive coverage or a service guarantee. Onsitego offers an extensive service net and convenience that is hard to overlook, particularly for mobile devices. GoWarranty, on the other hand, excels in extending your manufacturer’s warranty and keeping the process hassle-free, albeit with a slightly more limited scope.

At the end of the day, both Onsitego and GoWarranty offer unique benefits that cater to different needs. Weighing these against your personal or professional requirements will guide you to the right choice, ensuring your devices are protected long after the standard warranty period.


1. Is GoWarranty safe?

Trusted By Major Brands

That’s where my warranty provided by GoWarranty saved my behind from a very ridiculously expensive bill! Totally recommend this service!

2. Is Onsitego worth it?

They charged a nominal fee for the good service they offered. I shall surely consider their services for my electronics in the future.

Professional, quick and awesome customer service provided by Onsitego. I am very happy and have decided that I will only get my electronics repaired from you.

3. How does GoWarranty work?

GoWarranty replicates and extends the manufacturer’s warranty. That means, if your device suffers a malfunction or breakdown, we will repair or replace it for you. We bear all the costs required to fix your gadget along with all the legwork required to fix it.

4. How does Onsitego work?

Onsitego Extended Warranty replicates the warranty provided by your manufacturer for a period of up to 1 year beyond what the manufacturer provides. The plan covers all malfunctions and manufacturing defects in the device or appliance.

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