Multi-channel customer service study finds big companies failing

With the exception of web self-service, all business sectors dropped in multi-channel customer service, according to a new study released by eGain today. But even web self-service didn’t fare too well:

“All areas except web self-service declined in performance, with web self-service posting a slight increase for the overall market from 1.7 in 2009 to 1.9 in 2010, still “below average.”

In fact, the overall market was below average, according to the report. (This study covered 175 large companies in the US and Canada. All are are $250 million in annual revenue.)

The study looked at customer’s experience across multiple channels. Retail had the best showing with leading scores in email customer service, web customer service and cross-channel experience. The CEO of eGain suggested leading companies made customer service less of a priority in 2009 saying:

“…customer experience suffered as businesses hunkered down in a tough market.”

More details of the survey will be presented in a webinar by eGain on 2-24-10.  Or you can register by emailing: