Motivate yourself to deliver Amazing Customer Service

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Motivate yourself to deliver Amazing Customer Service

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

Stephen Covey says there are three requirements for us to create a new habit. One is knowledge of what and why we should change. The second is the skill(s) we need. And the third is motivation.

Of the three I believe motivation is the most important. Most of us have access to all the knowledge and skills we need to do just about anything. But motivation has to come from within. And without it, we’d never even start down the road to change.

So to improve the quality of customer service you deliver, make sure you have the motivation first. Once you have that, you’ll find it easy to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to deliver better service.

Ask yourself why would you want to deliver better customer service? What’s in it for you? Maybe a chance for promotion or a raise? Maybe increased job security? Or maybe it just feels good to help someone accomplish what they want. Whatever your reason is know it and focus on it. Let that drive your efforts to improve.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz