Mastering the Art of the Maternity Leave Email to Clients

When you’re expecting, preparing for maternity leave involves more than just packing your hospital bag. It’s also about ensuring a smooth transition at work, particularly for your clients. Your email’s subject line plays a pivotal role in setting the tone and communicating your message efficiently.

Why the Subject Line Matters?

Think of the subject line as the first impression you’re making on your clients. It should be clear, concise, and convey the essence of your email’s content. An ambiguous subject line might leave your client confused or cause them to overlook the email entirely.

Essential Elements of a Winning Subject Line

  • Clarity: Your clients should immediately understand the email’s purpose.
  • Personal Touch: Adding a personal element can make the message more relatable.
  • Urgency: If there’s any actionable item for the client, make sure it’s clear.
  • Brevity: Keep it short and sweet. Aim for less than 50 characters.

50 Sample Lines to Inspire You

#Subject Line
1Starting My Maternity Leave: Key Points for Our Project
2Upcoming Maternity Leave & Your Deliverables
3Maternity Leave Notice: Staying Connected
4Temporary Pause: Maternity Leave Updates
5Transitioning to Maternity Leave: Client Touchpoints
6Begin Maternity Leave: Your Project Contacts
7Maternity Leave Soon: Client Action Items
8Maternity Leave Ahead: Ensuring Smooth Operations
9On Maternity Leave: Who to Reach Out To
10Announcement: Beginning My Maternity Leave
11On Break: Maternity Leave & Project Status
12Maternity Leave Commencing: Points of Contact
13Client Note: Maternity Leave Duration and Details
14Project Continuity During My Maternity Leave
15Maternity Break: Updates & Collaborations
16Notice: Maternity Leave and Work Transition
17Maternity Pause: Your Key Contacts Listed
18Client Memo: Upcoming Maternity Leave
19Beginning Maternity Leave: Client Guide
20Short Break Ahead: Maternity Leave Information
21Out on Maternity: Project Checkpoints
22Client Update: Maternity Leave & Next Steps
23Maternity Time Off: Staying in the Loop
24Client Heads Up: Starting Maternity Break
25Commencing Maternity Leave: Quick Client Update
26Maternity Leave Status: Your Action Points
27Out for Maternity: Key Points and Contacts
28Temporary Hiatus: Maternity Leave Details
29Client Note: Preparing for My Maternity Leave
30Maternity Break: Communication Guidelines
31Heads Up! Maternity Leave Starting Soon
32Maternity Leave Announcement: Client Information
33Time for Maternity: Client Communication Points
34Client Brief: My Upcoming Maternity Leave
35Client Alert: Maternity Leave and Next Actions
36Going on Maternity Leave: Keeping You Updated
37Maternity Break: Client Essentials
38Client Advisory: Maternity Leave Starting
39Maternity Time: Project and Contact Information
40Out for Maternity: What You Need to Know
41Maternity Hiatus: Stay in the Know
42Client Update: Maternity Leave Begins Soon
43Commencing Maternity Break: Project Status
44Client Bulletin: Maternity Leave and Transition
45Maternity Time: Important Client Details
46Maternity Update: Client Collaboration Points
47Time Off for Maternity: Essential Client Notes
48Maternity Pause: Keeping Clients in the Loop
49Client Memo: Maternity Leave Insights
50Stepping Out for Maternity: Client Guidance

Additional Tips

  • Test your subject line: Before sending out your email, consider testing your subject line with a colleague to get feedback.
  • Be mindful of mobile users: Many people check emails on their phones, so ensure your subject line is mobile-friendly.
  • Use a preview text: Use the email’s preview text to add more context or a personal note.


Taking maternity leave is a significant life event, and communicating this to your clients requires tact and clarity. By crafting the perfect subject line, you pave the way for a smooth transition and set the tone for a positive continued working relationship upon your return.

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