Match your actions and attitude for better customer service

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Match your actions and attitude

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

This can be difficult to correct because people who do it rarely realize it without frequent and direct feedback. It happens when an employee does almost everything right. They are friendly, polite and attentive. Everything seems fine and then wham! Instead of stopping at your table, handing you your food and interacting with you, they rush by, barely slow down and almost throw your food at you. Or they swing by your table to fill a drink or remove empty dishes and they never stop, never talk, never even make eye contact.

Their actions are not completely aligned with their attitude. There’s a mismatch. As customers we see it and feel it. It’s like someone hitting the wrong note during an otherwise beautiful song.

One reason I think this happens is employees get busy and their sense of urgency takes over in parts of their job. It’s not that they’re upset or angry. They are just moving too fast. And they never realize how their actions send the wrong message.

When you are a customer, be aware of situations where an employee’s behavior seems at odds with their attitude. What situations feel wrong, like something is out of sync? Pay attention to these and apply them to your own work so you can avoid doing the same thing to your customers.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz