Make Your Customers Smile

Kevin Stirtz’s Amazing Service Rule #4:

Make Your Customers Smile

To some people this might seem a little too mushy, too “warm and fuzzy”. After all, isn’t it more important to give our customers what they want? (There is research that says customers will be more loyal if they get what they want rather than just being treated well.)

And that’s precisely why this rule is so important.

Making our customers smile is not just about treating them well. Of course, that IS important. In fact it’s necessary. Two thirds of customers who leave (and don’t come back) do so because of HOW they were treated.

Making customers smile requires two ingredients:

1. Treat them well
2. Give them what they want.

Here’s a better way to think about it:

Give your customers a positive and memorable experience EVERY TIME.

Do this by giving them what they want, plus a little more (in a way that works for your business, of course) and by treating them well.

A positive experience happens when they get what they want and are treated well. It creates a higher amount of emotional content for their experience, so they will remember AND want to repeat it. Make it memorable by doing something unexpected. Go beyond what they want and expect (in a good way).

When you do this, your customers will smile. Some will smile on the outside (which is nice). Others will only smile on the inside. But you can usually tell they’re happy.

This will keep your customers coming back and they’ll tell many more of their friends how wonderful you are. I guarantee it!

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz