Make customer service fun

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Make customer service fun

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

I was reading a book by Stevie Ray and I came across a perfect example of how to have fun while serving a customer. And the example is from an organization that’s not exactly known for having a zany culture: The Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Here’s the example:

Employee: “And a gooood morning to you. Department of Revenue.”
Caller: “Yeah, I need to order a replacement tax form.”
Employee: “Well don’t worry. We won’t hold that against you. What company is this for?”
Caller: “ABC Company”
Employee: “I think I’ve heard of you. Were you on America’s Most Wanted?”

(The conversation went on from there.)

This employee made a conscious decision to have fun while he helped people. He was still effective. He did his job. But he made the experience memorable for his customers. And he probably lightened their mood a little (which is a good thing if you’re calling the Department of Revenue).

What is one thing you could today to have a little more fun with your customers? How could you create a more positive and memorable experience for them (while still serving them well)?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz