Make a Great First Impression Every Time

Amazing Customer Service Rule #39:

Make a great first impression every time.

We’ve all heard it said first impressions are lasting and it’s true. Though we can improve a customer’s perception of us over time, we’re always better positioned if we show them our best stuff right up front.

One way to do this is see yourself as others see you. This means get feedback from people who see you work. They might be customers, co-workers or even vendors. Or your company could hire secret shoppers to observe (if you’re in a retail environment). Feedback could also come from taped phone conversations. And, don’t forget emails and websites and other ways your company communicates to customers. Take time to continually evaluate and assess them all so you’re certain they are representing your company in the best way possible.

Think about how you perceive people and companies when you first do business with them. In what ways do you judge them? How do you mentally (even subconsciously) evaluate them? What things do you think or say about them?

Your customers do the same with you! So, make sure you give your best by being your best with every customer every time, no exceptions. That is the ONLY way you can make a great first impression every time.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz