What kind of customer are you?

Sometimes people who focus on improving customer service forget that the lessons apply to everyone. This includes when we are customers. Here’s what I mean.

Remember, the three requirements of an Amazing customer experience are:

1. Treat me well
2. Help me accomplish what I want
3. Offer me value

As a customer if you routinely violate the first rule then you’re part of the problem. Being a customer does not give you permission to be rude, discourteous or less than civil. No matter who you are, the same standard applies to everyone: Treat everyone well.

I see this in my business every now and then.

A person will email or call me asking for a proposal. I send them the information they want.  (This takes time and is an interruption but I do it because it’s part of my job.) Then I hear nothing back from them. They never say “thanks”. They fail to respond if I email or call them. Often I never even know if they got the information I sent them. Once they get what they want, they disappear without another word.

Because, in their world, customers have the right to be rude.  (But they really don’t. No one does. )

If you want to deliver consistently Amazing customer service, make sure you treat everyone well all the time. Playing nice with some people and not others will come back to haunt you.

And, as you do business with others, watch how they treat their employees and vendors. If they treat customers like royalty and everyone else as a second class citizen then avoid them.  They’re really only looking out for themselves. They’ll treat you well only as long as they need something from you.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz