Little things can make a big difference

While preparing my tea this morning I took an extra moment to read a message on the packaging. It explained why they don’t use strings, staples, tags or individual wrappers on their tea bags. By leaving them off they prevent 3.5 million pounds of waste from being produced.

I have to admit, though I noticed Celestial Seasonings didn’t use strings and other things on their tea bags, I never knew why. But now that I know, I applaud them. Their choice to not have the extra material saves money and helps the environment. And the tea tastes just as good.

Here’s why I like this.

First, the company is being smart about how they create their products. They are avoiding waste while delivering quality. And they are telling us about it. Why hide the good things you do? Let the world know!

Second, it’s a healthy reminder that even if we focus on small improvements, we can still have a big impact. We don’t have to move mountains to serve our customers better. We can do tiny things that, alone don’t seem significant, but together can change our organizations.

For example, what if every person in your organization smiled and greeted everyone they met in a warm and friendly way? What if they did that every time with no exceptions. It’s a simple and easy thing for anyone to do. But how would it impact your organization?

Or what if every phone call was picked up in 2 rings or less? What if every email, voice mail, and Twitter post responded to in under 5 minutes? How much more loyal would your customers be  if you did this? How many new customers would be attracted to your company? And how might this change the way your company does other things?

A trickle of water  created a canyon 227 miles long, 10 miles wide and 6000 feet deep.  And choosing to not use tags, staples and strings in tea bags saves 3.5 million pounds of waste every year.

What little things could YOU do that might add up to a big benefit for your customers?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz