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This website is owned and operated by Stirtz Group LLC. The content is all copyright protected. Please contact me if you would like to use or reprint any content from this website. Or go to this page for reprint information.Welcome to the world of Amazing Service! I am Kevin Stirtz, your host and this blog is my creation.  It’s here as a free resource to help you improve customer service. Whether you’re looking to improve your own customer facing skills or you want to help your team members and other employees provide better customer service, you’ll find articles, tools and ideas here to help you and your team deliver excellent customer service.

About Kevin Stirtz

Okay, I admit it. I’m a technology geek. From smart phones to iPads to the latest social media tools, I am constantly thrilled by new technology. But what I really love about technology is how it helps us connect, share and learn like never before. And it keeps getting better at helping us do this.

In my day job, I am an SEO consultant for FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business. My part of the organization focuses on customer retention and loyalty. I work with internal customers and external clients to help improve the ROI we deliver to our clients. In this role I have conducted training and onboarding of new employees, participated in and managed process improvement projects, worked with a local college to create a company-wide training program as well as working directly with clients in escalated situations.

Outside of my full time role at Thomson Reuters, I  manage an informational website that helps people and organizations increase customer loyalty by improving customer service. It’s a top website in its niche and attracts a large audience from over 60 different countries. I also consult, blog, write and speak about customer experience, online marketing and social media.

In my past life as an entrepreneur and a consultant I have authored two books, spoken to hundreds of groups across the USA, Canada and in Europe and Asia Pacific. My business and management experience ranges from managing my own small business to being an executive director of a five-state regional non-profit as well as being on the leadership team of an $8 million service business and consulting with small, medium and large companies. I have published over 800 articles on topics like marketing, sales, social media, customer service and customer loyalty. At one time my goal was to have an audience of 1 million people. I estimate I met that goal in March of this year (2012).

I live in the beautiful city of Burnsville. MN which is on the southern edge the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. This year I am walking 1500 miles. I am sharing my walk with the world by blogging about it at kevin1500.com and by mapping it on a virtual route using Google Maps.

Anything I write or share here is my own opinion, not that of my employer. So don’t blame them, okay?

Interested in having me speak to your group? Cool. We should talk. My dance card is usually pretty full but I enjoy meeting new people so please drop me a note if you’re interested. I’d be happy to chat with you about it.

Here are a few interviews I have done for various magazines, newspapers and websites over the past few years.

And, one more fun thing you might like. This post describes an adventure Debbie and I had a couple years ago to Kuala Lumpur. It’s a beautiful city and I highly recommend going if you get a chance.

Please use the information you find here to deliver better service to your customers – both internal and external. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

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