Improve Your Customer Service Every Day

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Improve Your Customer Service Every Day

And here are some additional thoughts on this topic…

In the world of customer service, you need to get better or you’ll fall behind. The Disney organization is well known as a model of quality customer service. And yet they constantly train and focus on how to improve the service they offer their customers. One reason they do this is because they understand the quality of customer service is relative to what customers expect. As you deliver better service, your customers get accustomed to it. They expect it. So you need to improve or they’ll feel your service level has declined.

The same is true for industries or geographic areas. As customers get used to better service from some companies, they’ll expect it from others. The rising tide of expectations affects all boats.

This week pick one aspect of your customer service you’d like to improve. Describe how your new, improved version will look and feel. Then share this with your employees and customers. Get their input. And get their feedback. Have them tell you how you’re doing. Then repeat.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz