5 easy ways to improve customer service

Here are five easy things you can do right now to improve customer service in your business. What’s great is they won’t cost you a dime and they’ll help build a culture of service that will keep working.

1. Make service a priority

This means your reason for being in business is to help your customers. So everything you do needs to be held up against this standard. Your actions decisions, policies and procedures need to show this. This creates a culture of service in your company. (Your customers know if you DON’T operate this way!)

2. Use a daily reminder

Help employees deliver Amazing Customer Service every day by using a reminder. Maybe it’s a quote. Maybe it’s an example. Maybe it’s a standard or promise your company makes to your customers. Expose your people to a message of service every day. Keep it top of mind.

3. Catch employees in the act of delivering Amazing Service

Watch your staff. When they do something Amazing with a customer, notice it. Thank them. Tell others. And encourage your other employees to do the same. Get customers involved too!

4. Make it easy and convenient for customers to give you feedback

Create at least 5 different ways your customers can tell you how your company is doing. Feedback forms on your website, survey cards, questions from employees. Ask your team to come up with new ways. And make sure your feedback answers these three questions:

-What do customers want from us?

-How are we doing?

-How can we improve?

These questions help your customers tell you what you need to know to improve your business. They are critical to continually improving your organization.

5. Make it personal

Find ways to give your customers a personal experience when they do business with you. An easy way is to remember and recognize them. Our local coffee shop has thousands of customers. (One of only two locally owned shops in a city of 63,000). Every time I walk in someone greets me. The owners remember my name. They chat me up a little. And when I leave always yells or waves goodbye.

It’s not complicated to improve customer service. You do need to pay attention. But it’s something every organization can do and they can do it starting today.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz