Improve customer service by paying attention

Recently I was at a youth mentoring conference. One of the topics we found ourselves discussing was how challenging it is for many adults to relate to kids. This is a major obstacle to recruiting mentors for kids.

After thinking about how I interact with kids (of all ages) I concluded the best way to connect with them is simple. Just pay attention. Look at them, ask them questions, listen and be there for them. Focus on them completely. Do this and they’ll bring you into their world.

In his book “The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum“, author Mike Lane tells a story about the importance of paying attention. Even better he gives tips on how we can all pay attention better. And when we do, incredible (wonderful) things begin to happen.

This is true with our customers too. If we give them our attention we open the doors to better, stronger and longer-lasting relationships with them.

How can you pay attention better this week?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz