How Would Your Phone Calls Look in Person?

We all know what the typical customer service call center experience is like. It’s so entrenched in our culture, it’s cliche.  The automated voice, the multiple options ans the joy of waiting on hold for what seems like forever, are all well known aspects of many call center customer service experiences.

Customers get this. And we complain about it. And the media does news stories about it. And people like me write books and articles about it. Yet companies continue to do the same thing. They claim to want to offer good customer service yet they still offer us the same old stuff.

Maybe one reason is the decision makers at these companies don’t really understand how ridiculous their phone service is. Maybe they need a more vivid example of what an awful experience they are delivering to their customers.

They should watch this video. It’s funny and entertaining. But more importantly, it’s enlightening. It shows hows just how dumb these experiences can be.

The power of this video is that it shows an experience we can identify with but casts it in a different light, showing it to be even more ridiculous. Because in the different situation, we see the experience more clearly. We realize how impersonal many customer service phone calls can be.

How would your customer service phone calls look in person? Would they pass muster or would they produce laughter and cringing as this video does?

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz