How to Beat the Recession – Part 1

When it seems all we hear is bad news, it can be easy for us to join in the chorus. It can seem natural to spend time worrying about how we’ll survive in these challenging times.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Every second of every day, we have a choice to behave and to think in whatever way we want. We can choose to be negative and focus on how bad things are. Or we can choose to be positive and focus on the good things going on around us.

Two days ago, I found myself running late for a meeting. It was bitter cold outside. I was in a hurry. I had a “To Do” list a mile long for the week. I easily could have focused my thoughts on all the things in that were going wrong in the world at that moment.

But when I got to the meeting, I arrived in time to hear a story. And this story turned my attitude around.

The story was told by a man who mentored a young boy in a Kinship mentoring program. It talked about their lives and how they got to know each other. Eventually, the boy, who had grown to be a young man, had to make decision about life after high school. He decided to serve his country by joining the Marines and then go to college after that. And, even though their mentoring relationship had ended, the two remained in close contact.

As the story wrapped up we got to see a picture of this young man and his mentor. The young man was in his Marine uniform. Both looked happy and successful. You could see it in their eyes.

To say I was proud of this young man would be an understatement. That he would choose to serve his country first over his own needs speaks volumes about him. He is a man a great character and courage, even at his young age.

This young man reminded me that we all have a choice. Every time. It’s always up to us.

For us to beat this recession, we need to remember we always have a choice in what we do and how we think. We need to make the choice every day do to what it takes to succeed. And, if our choice involves serving others, then we’ll do even better. Because the best way to help ourselves is by helping others.

Choose to make every day a great day for yourself and those around you. Then nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.