How Do You Motivate Employees?

How Do You Motivate Employees?

The idea of motivating employees to excel is as old as any topic in business. And some people would argue that you really can’t motivate people, they can only motivate themselves. But regardless of what you call it, managers still need to help employees find ways to perform at their best.

In a recent article, Dr. David Facer (aka, “The Motivation Guy”) offers several ideas to help employees do better:

  1. Take their perspective
  2. Encourage them to create their own solutions
  3. Offer a sound reason for your specific request
  4. Be careful using tone or language that sound controlling

His suggestions revolve around working with employees in a partnering way rather than controlling them or giving orders.

For more details, read the complete article here: Autonomy or Accountability? 5 Ways to Use Honey Instead of Vinegar to Motivate Employees | Blanchard LeaderChat.