How Awesome Are Your Customers

How Awesome Are Your Customers

It’s a trick question.

The right answer has nothing to do with how awesome your customers are. It has everything to do with how much you do to help them be awesome. Oh, and I don’t mean just awesome either. Here, “awesome” is a proxy for successful, happy, please, excited, thrilled or whatever experience outcome they are looking for.

You can use whatever adjective you want. I use the word “awesome” because it fits with a graphic that tells a smart story about how to keep customers coming back. It’s by Tom Fishburne who calls himself a “marketoonist”. Tom’s a bright guy who knows marketing and is skilled at sharing his ideas in creative ways.

Tom’s cartoon was created as a message warning about social media strategies. But it applies to customer experience too because everything your organization does broadcasts your priorities. Every action by every person in your company tells the story of what your company believes is most important.

For too many companies, the primary focus is themselves: their products, their prices, their policies and on and on. Sure these things are important. But when a company talks mostly about their stuff, customers tune out. The message becomes white noise, less understandable than an adult speaking in a Peanuts cartoon.

Customers come to you because they hope you can help them. So the best conversations to have with customers are about them. Tell them how you’ll help them meet their goals and achieve their dreams.

Then back up those conversations with action. Make sure everything you do is focused on helping your customers the best you can (in the context of your business). Make them your priority.

Help your customers be more awesome and they’ll keep coming back.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz