Help Your Customers Get The Outcomes they Want

Help your customers get the outcomes they want.

Kevin’s Amazing Customer Service rule# 22:

Help your customers get the outcomes they want.

Our customers come to us for something. They want to prevent something bad from happening. Or they want to make something good happen. Either way they’ve come to us for help. So we need to help them get what they want.

But too often we become focused on what we want. We create policies and procedures that help us but do nothing for our customers. It’s easy to get so focused on managing our businesses that we forget what our purpose is. We want to be efficient and profitable so we devise ways to do just that. But we often forget how those changes affect our customers. Or worse, we make the changes without even thinking about our customers.

Every action we take, every decision we make and every policy, procedure, rule and guideline needs to be created to help our customers get what they want. The first thing we think about as we decide how to do our jobs and manage our businesses needs to be: “How can we create a great experience and help our customers accomplish their goals?”

It’s not always easy. But if we do this every time our customers will notice. And they’ll repay our efforts with their loyalty. From there everything else is easy.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz