Be grouchy on your own time

It’s not always easy to keep a good attitude and a smiling face when we’re helping our customers.  We all have many stressors that can get in the way of staying positive and friendly. It’s especially hard when customers are rude, inconsiderate or just plain ornery.

Perhaps the hardest thing to do is to behave one way when we feel another. Acting upbeat when you’re feeling beat down is never easy. If I’m in  a bad mood it’s natural to let that show through my actions.

But I shouldn’t.

Even though customers, co-workers and bosses will break this rule, we shouldn’t. If you want to deliver Amazing customer service you need to treat everyone well every time. No exceptions. Being the best means acting the best, no matter how you feel inside.

The good news is, how you act can determine how you feel. By being polite and friendly and helpful with others (even if you don’t feel that way inside) you create positive and fun interactions with people. You change your environment. That can change your mood.

So, be grouchy on your own time if you want. But when you’re serving customers, take the high road and stay positive. When you do that, everyone around you benefits, including you.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz