Give Them Details

Kevin’s Amazing Customer Service rule# 29:

Give them details.

A sure-fire way to thrill your customers is to make sure you give them all the details they want. When you do this you’re helping your customers in several ways.

First, you’re letting them know you listened, understood and got everything correct.This simple feedback tells your customer you’re a professional who cares enough to get things right.

Second, you help your customers plan. By letting them know details you’re removing doubt and uncertainty. They don’t have to wonder when their order will be processed, did it get entered correctly, when will it arrive, etc. People hate to wonder!

Third, you’re helping them accomplish what they came to you for. By offering them details before, during and after the sale, you’re helping them make sure they’re getting what they need.

Providing details to your customers creates more effective communications. This goes a long way in helping your customers get what they want. And that will keep them coming back.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz