Give Them Attention

Give Them Attention
In his book “Free“, Chris Anderson talks about how an abundance of information can lead to a scarcity of attention. We know what he means, don’t we? Daily we are blanketed with information from hundreds (even thousands) of sources. Most of it’s free. Much of it is against our will.  Chris suggests this abundance of information causes an equal shortage of attention. And I agree.

If we are compelled to deal with (understand, sort, reply to, forward and delete) a shipload of information every day, we’ll have less time and energy to focus on other things. Like people. And customers.

I believe this is one reason people don’t return emails and phone calls very well anymore. We get so busy we feel we have little time for simple, common courtesies. And, as more and more of us have less and less attention to share with others, a simple conclusion becomes clear:

We all get less attention from other people.

The trouble is, attention is something we all crave.  It’s a foundational human need. (Ask anyone with kids.) So you can see the train wreck we are heading toward. The avalanche of information continues, creating a growing scarcity of attention, which is something we all want and need. No wonder people are stressed out!

But this presents an opportunity to provide Amazing customer service. Do what others don’t. Break the trend. Give your customers something they are not getting anywhere else.

Give them the gift of attention.

Do this and you’ll give them a better customer experience. And a better customer experience means they’re more likely to come back.

The article was written by Kevin Stirtz